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About Elected Technologies

Elected Technologies is a privately-held, non-partisan company that delivers technology and data solutions to elected representatives, local government organisations and private sector companies.

Founded in 2014, Elected Technologies exists to provide purpose-built software across all stages of the democratic process.

Already the largest provider of casework management software to MPs in the United Kingdom, Elected Technologies products are used in more than 15 Parliaments around the world.

Elected Technologies provides casework tools for every level of government
VoterID helps you reach voters where they're at with a range of communication tools

About VoterID

VoterID has been developed specifically for the Australian market, combining purpose-built casework management systems with a range of electorate communications tools to better assist elected representatives and political parties to connect with their communities. 

VoterID streamlines operations by using automation and data-matching to reduce data entry and ensure every interaction is meaningful and tracked – without any extra workload for staff.

Today, our easy-to-use interface and time-saving features have made VoterID a go-to tool for politicians and their teams across the country.

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VoterID is the premier choice for connecting with constituents and winning campaigns. Get in touch today to find out how VoterID can help your office.

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