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Voter outreach and communication tools

VoterID has everything you need to find your voters and target them with key messages. No more switching between multiple applications and racking up subscription fees with different providers – VoterID helps you reach voters where they’re at.

VoterID helps you stay in touch with your community with a range of outreach tools including:

Two-way SMS

Whether you need to share news quickly, rally volunteers or conduct a quick survey, VoterID’s two-way SMS allows you to connect with voters on the go.

Build an audience, send the text and manage replies all within the one system.

Mail merge

Sick of wrangling spreadsheets and document editors? VoterID’s in-app mail merge will save you hours of time.

You’ll be able to send new voter and birthday letters in under a minute and create targeted content with ease.

Teletown halls

Don’t rely on voters to come to you – take your town hall meetings to them.

With tools to screen questions, switch between panellists and run polls – it’s easy to put on a professional event.
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Door Knock by VoterID

VoterID is the must-have app for political campaigns looking to simplify door-to-door canvassing and revolutionise their data collection efforts. With VoterID, your volunteers will have access to real-time information on registered voters, in

Survey responses are recorded in VoterID in real time and you’ll be able to take a deeper dive into your data with the interactive responses table providing breakdowns by key demographic indicators.

Through integration with the electoral roll and GPS services, the app directs volunteers to the homes of registered voters. The app also provides a map view, allowing volunteers to visualise their progress and see previously visited houses.

Don’t waste time and resources on outdated door-to-door canvassing and data entry. Let VoterID’s doorknocking app streamline your data collection efforts today.

Your surveys, your way

Craft surveys that are tailored to the needs of your campaign. Whether you want volunteers to follow a script or just have a set of prompts to add data points, VoterID makes it easy to generate custom scripts. 

Branching surveys allow you to mix and match between single choice, multiple choice and voting intentions questions, while also collecting voter contact information.

Track your progress in real-time. Instant statistics for the total number of doors knocked and individual volunteer efforts mean you can adjust your canvassing efforts to ensure you’re always making the most of your time and resources.

Ready to say goodbye to one-size-fits-all surveys and doorknocking data entry? Get in touch with our team today.

ETech Polls by VoterID

ETech Polls provides highly accurate and affordable SMS or IVR polling to elected representatives and political parties with fast turn-arounds and real-time results.

Our exclusive polling methodology delivers unmatched accuracy in single-seat polling, giving you results you can count on.

Unlike other providers, who will only give you a static summary, our polls allow you to dive deeper into the data — even down to individual responses. In our real-time, interactive data centre, you can create subsamples and cross tabulate your information.

We match every call to a registered voter in your target electorate, allowing you to use poll data to build voter profiles and target for follow-up as required.

Maximise efficiency to keep costs down

Our unique approach to polling allows us to deliver more bang for your buck. The ETech Polls platform automatically schedules calls to households and voters based on their age demographics and prior data collected on the most effective times to call that group. This ensures the highest answer and acceptance rates and reduces costs.

Our best-practice approach ensures a higher rate of poll acceptance and we make sure there are no wasted calls by guaranteeing every response comes from a registered voter in your target audience.

Set your campaign up to succeed with the best quality polling at an affordable price. Book a demonstration today.

PhoneCanvass by VoterID

VoterID makes phone canvassing so easy, anyone can do it. The in-app survey builder makes it easy to set up scripts for volunteers, branch constituents to different questions based on their responses and keep track of each response.

You’ll be able to stay on top of community sentiment, collect sign-up details from supportive constituents and send targeted follow-up information to relevant voters.

Making calls at scale has never been easier with a range of options to suit your volunteers and your budget. Dial calls yourself or use our sophisticated autodialler and voicemail detect features to make sure no time is wasted.

Empower your volunteers to join from wherever suits them. Volunteers can use laptops and headsets or even have calls placed to their own phones so there’s no limits on the size of your operation.

You’ll see live results of how many people you’re reaching, how each volunteer is tracking and be able to access a detailed, interactive breakdown of voter responses.

Want to know more about how you can reach your community with the VoterID phone banking system?

ElectorMail by VoterID

ElectorMail allows you to create stunning emails directly within the VoterID platform using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. At half the price of Mailchimp – you’ll save time and money by keeping everything in the one platform.

From newsletters to event invitations, you can create custom templates that look great on any device and streamline your communication efforts. No HTML or image editing skills required.

ElectorMail also lets you preview your emails across phones, tablets, and desktops to ensure that your message looks perfect before you hit send. 

With easy-to-use tools and simple pricing based on the number of emailable contacts in your VoterID installation, you’ll only pay for what you need. Keep everything in one place and engage with your constituents like never before with ElectorMail.

Want to add ElectorMail to your VoterID installation?

Ready to make an impact?

If you’re already using VoterID and ready to take your constituent engagement to the next level with VoterID’s outreach tools, talk to our support team about adding these features to your installation.

Our team can also provide training to help you get the most out of your voter engagement.

If you’re considering making the switch to VoterID and want to know more about constituent engagement, book a demo today!

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